Spectrum Fire & Security

Joins The Fight!

September 10, 2015

Spectrum Fire & Security Jump Onboard

Spectrum Fire & Security are the latest national company to join the fight against men’s cancers by hosting a Blue Friday in their office!

Led by their awesome Blue September cheerleader Nicole, Spectrum put on a morning tea, a BBQ and even a guessing game competition.

When asked why they were supporting Blue September, Nicole replied, “We decided to participate in Blue September for a couple of reasons. Firstly everyone has had someone in their life or themselves dealt or are dealing with cancer so this was an event that everyone could relate to.”

“Secondly my work place is made up of about 85% males. The goal was to make the guys aware and hopefully get them to get checked. It been my experience guys especially the young ones seem to be uncomfortable and shy away from talking about this issue, this was a way to encourage them to openly talk about it.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Nicole and her Blue Army team at Spectrum. Check out the cool photos below!

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