Our dad's fight with cancer

Stephanie opens up about the loss of her father, Michael.

September 17, 2015

Our dad’s fight with cancer

Stephanie Demkiw is a proud supporter of Blue September and the fight against cancer in men. Here is the story of her father Michael and why, along with her siblings, Stephanie is joining the fight.

My name is Stephanie Demkiw, I am a surgical trainee at St Vincent’s Hospital.

I am working toward becoming a urologist and ultimately looking after men like my dad who had two primary cancers – prostate and bladder (which affects men four times as much as women).

On the 18th of December 2013, after a long and courageous fight, our father Michael passed away from aggressive metastatic bladder cancer. He was only 66. Also having a history of prostate cancer, without any knowledge of bladder cancer, our Dad put the symptoms of this awful disease down to side effects from his prostate treatment, and before definitive management was sought, it was too late.

By joining the Blue September fight, we hope to advance awareness, further education, support research & promote the prevention of bladder cancer in Australia.

Photo below: Michael Demkiw with daughter Zoe

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