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Blue September’s key mission in 2015 is to raise funds to purchase early diagnosis, specialised equipment for the new Prostate Cancer Centre, a world class men’s health clinic that is an initiative of APCR. The equipment will reduce a cancer diagnosis waiting time in the public system from four to six months to just a few days!

And every month counts when it comes to being diagnosed with cancer!





Hacer Group 

Amount raised so far: $10,847.30

Hacer Group is pleased to continue its support of the Blue September campaign and help raise awareness of men’s health issues. We hold an annual footy match on the last Friday of September as our fundraising finale. Please support this charity in its fight against cancer in men, and donate now.

Donate to Hacer Group’s Page




Team Boettcher

Amount raised so far: $5,265.65

Join Team Boettcher raise awareness of men’s cancer and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Donate to Team Boettcher’s Fundraising Page




Sue & Pino Sensi 

Amount raised so far: $4,627.40

Sue and Pino are huge advocates for men’s health. Only a few years ago, Pino was struck not once, but twice, with lung cancer and testicular cancer.

Sue Sensi is a well known jewellery designer and you can purchase one of her special “Blue September Protection Bracelets” for $5 each on the Blue September store.

Donate to Sue & Pino’s Page




Southern Midlands Council

Amount raised so far: $4,294.00

Donate to the Oatland’s fundraising page



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Join the fight and make a one-off donation to Blue September. Any donation over $2 is tax-deductible all proceeds goes to raising awareness of cancer in men and the purchasing of life saving equipment for the Prostate Cancer Centre.



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Fundraising Target: $400,000


raised so far


Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher

Best known for his character as Karl Kennedy on Neighbours, Alan Fletcher is proud to be one of Blue September’s ambassadors for 2015.

Watch Alan’s message

Donate to Alan’s Blue September page

Derryn Hinch

Derryn Hinch

Derryn only knows far too well what it’s like living with cancer, especially being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer a few years ago. Derryn was lucky to receive a liver transplant and now can live to tell the story, which is why he’s proud to lend his voice to Blue September and fighting cancer in men.

Derryn chats about Blue September on Sky News

Donate to Derryn’s Blue September page

Mark Holden

Mark Holden

“Mark is back and blue-r than ever!”

No stranger to Blue September, Mark has been a strong advocate and long standing ambassador for men’s health since Blue September started in 2008.

Donate to Mark’s Blue September page

Clint Stanaway

Clint Stanaway

A seasoned sports and TV presenter, Clint is proud to be an ambassador for Blue September in 2015. Clint recently visited the Men’s Prostate Cancer Centre to speak with Dr. Daniel Moon and find out more about the equipment that we’re fundraising for.

Watch Clint’s tour of APCR

Donate to Clint’s Blue September page

Brett McLeod

Brett McLeod

One of Channel 9’s most respected reporters, Brett was a part of the Men’s Prostate Cancer Centre launch at Australian Prostate Cancer Research. Brett is an ambassador of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and is proud to come onboard and lend his voice & support to Blue September for 2015.

Watch Brett’s report from 9 News – 19th July 2015

Donate to Brett’s Blue September page

Cameron Daddo

Cameron Daddo

Another face to return to the Blue September ambassador’s list is Smooth FM’s Cameron Daddo, who has been a big supporter of Blue September over the past few years. Cameron is proud to lend his voice to the campaign and fight the stigma of getting health checks.

Gamble Breaux

Gamble Breaux

Gamble is a fresh face to the Blue September ambassador’s list for 2015. The Real Housewife of Melbourne may have a fun and cheeky side but men’s cancer is no laughing matter. After losing her father to prostate cancer, Gamble is proud to come onboard and help raise funds & awareness to fight cancer in men.

Watch Gamble’s message

Donate to Gamble’s Blue September page


Georgia Love

WIN news presenter Georgia is no stranger to men’s cancer. Growing up with a dad who is a urologist, she only knows too well the benefits behind getting tested early and is hoping to raise $800 between July and September for men’s cancer research & equipment.

Read Georgia’s story

Donate to Georgia’s Blue September page


Sarah Maree

This outgoing blonde fireball is no stranger to cancer having been through it herself. NOVA FM presenter Sarah Maree is out this September to encourage men from all around the country to get tested and know the signs. Fortunately Sarah is still around to tell her story but many blokes aren’t, simply due to late diagnosis. Her message is clear: learn the signs and get tested early & regularly.

Donate to Sarah’s Blue September page


John X

This loveable Tasmanian actor, performer & radio presenter is shredding off his Lion King colours and throwing caution to the wind – and blue paint – for Blue September. John is proud to come onboard and lend his voice to the campaign, encouraging men everywhere to take better care of themselves – and their families!

Catch John chatting to Alan Fletcher on 936 ABC Hobart

Donate to John’s Blue September page


Steve O’Donnell

The record breaking Block ‘Fans: vs Favs’ winner is a men’s health advocate and proud Blue September Ambassador. Seeing his Father survive Prostate cancer in part due to early diagnosis, Steve now hopes to spread the word- early diagnosis saves lives!

Donate to Steve’s Blue September page


Janet Roach

This feisty blonde housewife is proud to jump onboard the 2015 Blue September campaign and lend her voice to men’s cancer. A dear friend of Janet’s is currently battling aggressive cancer and she’s come on board to encourage all Australian men to kick cancer to the curb and be proactive in taking care of themselves.

Donate to Janet’s Blue September page


Dolly Diamond

Renowned Australian cabaret artist Dolly Diamond is new to the Blue September ambassadors list. Don’t let her beautiful dresses fool you – Dolly is getting blue for Blue September! After witnessing her father pass away from prostate cancer, Dolly is encouraging all men to fight the stigma and get tested early! As Dolly says, “If I can raise more than just awareness in men, then I’ll be happy”.

Donate to Dolly’s Blue September page


Cat Law

This cheeky and outgoing Big Brother housemate has jumped onboard the Blue September campaign for 2015. Don’t let reality TV fool you – by profession, Cat works at hospitals in Melbourne and sees the reality that cancer patients face each day. Cat has jumped onboard to help raise awareness for men’s cancer and the importance of early diagnosis and regular testing.

Donate to Cat’s Blue September page


Lawson Reeves

Lawson may be renowned for his skills as a glass-eating magician but he is serious about men’s health. This Big Brother housemate is targeting young men and hitting them with the hard facts about getting regular checks for testicular cancer. Just don’t ask him to play with his balls in public!

Donate to Lawson’s Blue September page


Kate Bollard

Celebrity stylist and fashion icon Kate Bollard is not happy about men’s cancer rates – and she’s calling on all wives, partners, sisters and Australian women everywhere to nag the men in their life to take their health more seriously. Kate says, “Women are so used to getting checked but men aren’t. Cancer is serious and doesn’t care what gender you are, it affects everyone. So men, take it more seriously!”

Donate to Kate’s Blue September page


Henry Roth

International fashion icon Henry Roth has come onboard to spread the message about getting regular health checks. Henry is a great advocate for men’s health and knows how important it is to take care of yourself. Watch out though – this fashion icon will make sure all men are getting looked after this September… and dressed in style!

Donate to Henry’s Blue September page

Sign up for Henry’s Blue September “Project Runway” event



This cheeky ambassador isn’t afraid to get a little “blue in the face” for men’s cancer awareness. This superstar radio jock knows the importance for Aussie bloke’s to take care of themselves. Look out guys – Deano’s coming for you!

Donate to Deano’s Blue September page


What we're fighting for!

Every year, 30% more men die of cancer than women, purely from late diagnosis. We are fighting to change that.

This year, we want to raise $400,000!

A key priority this year is to purchase life saving, early diagnosis equipment for the Men’s Prostate Clinic in Melbourne, that will be available for men around the country. It will cut waiting times from 4-6 months to just a few days and within hours, you’ll get a diagnosis.

Channel 9 presenter and ambassador Clint Stanaway did a tour of the clinic at Australian Prostate Cancer Research and spoke with Dr. Daniel Moon about the equipment we’re raising money for. Take a look!



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